How to compare image on pixel data? And How to compare color of two images using colorAbsoluteDifference CIFilter?

To compare image on pixel data you need CGImage object of UIImage.

Sometime when you create computed image through CIFilter and directly create UIImage from CIImage. It does not have CGImage data, so we need to covert CIImage to CGImage first and then get pixel data to compare

Get pixel data of images and compare through == operator.

I hope you enjoyed the WWDC keynote with awesome hardware and software upgrades. And for developers there is new Xcode 9.0.

Xcode 9.0 is full of new features

  • All new editor. Fast, structure-based editor that lets you intelligently highlight and navigate your code. Includes great Markdown support.
  • Refactoring. Refactoring built…

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